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Eurofins CEREP USA

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Eurofins CEREP USA

15318 N.E 95th street
Redmond, WA

Tel: +1 425 895 8666
Fax: +1 425 895 8668

 In 1997, Cerep started a laboratory in Redmond, WA, specialising in in vitro ADME.

Eurofins Cerep offers a large catalogue of assays to more than 500 pharmaceutical companies and biotechs for in vitro drug profiling and drug screening both in pharmacology and ADME.

Specialties include radioligand binding, enzyme (kinases, epigenetic, etc.), cell-based and tissue assays. Eurofins Cerep has also developed a unique database, BioPrint™, and related IT tools compiling both literature and proprietary data for 2,500 drugs in order to better understand the relationship between in vitro effects and clinical properties of drug candidates.