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Soil Gas

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Analytical Options

Eurofins Air Toxics offers options for your soil gas analysis needs.

TO-15(5 ppbv – 20 ppbv)PAC250_8260B.jpg (1)

Extremely Competitive Pricing

5 Day TAT
All inclusive pricing - included media
  • Mid-range reporting limits (5 ppbv - 20 ppbv) perfect for soil gas screening levels
  • 1000 X calibration range to effectively analyze highly impacted sites
  • Allows for the accurate reporting of oxygenates and naphthalene
  • Flexibility to add VOCs not amenable to 8260B
  • Direct calibration using NIST-traceable vapor phase standards
  • Rigorous cleaning and media certification protocols
  • Full scan MS data allows for full characterization of soil gas
  • Wide selection of leak check compounds available
  • 100% of data validated against TO-15 requirements

TO-17(5ppbv – 20 ppbv) 

We continue to expand our sorbent capabilities and have added to both our TO-17 product line and our passive sampling solutions. Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon fuel identification and characterization are now available by EPA Method TO-17, encompassing middle distillate fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, mineral spirits and kerosene. Carbon range fractionation, quantification of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and a wide range of compounds of concern from naphthalene to pyrene are also achievable using TO-17.

With our commitment to data integrity and investment in advanced instrumentation and technologies, coupled with innovative research and development, Eurofins Air Toxics is your air and vapor expert.