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Eurofins 1st EPA CLP Laboratory is Center of Excellence

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Eurofins Spectrum Analytical, Inc. in North Kingstown, RI, is the first EPA CLP laboratory to be part of the Eurofins network. The team of skilled chemists and their commitment to quality allowed the facility to receive its initial CLP contract within months of being founded in 1994. This center of excellence started as Mitkem Laboratories, became part of Spectrum Analytical in late 2007, and was enthusiastically acquired by Eurofins Scientific in September 2015. Eurofins Spectrum Analytical currently provides CLP organics (VOC, SOC, Pesticides, Aroclor PCBs) and CLP inorganics (ICP-AES, ICP-MS, Hg, Cyanide) analysis under contract to the EPA.

In December 2012 the laboratory moved from Warwick to North Kingstown to accommodate future growth. Eurofins Spectrum Analytical also offers a full suite of approved test methods for the characterization of environmental samples in soil, sediment, sludge, solid and hazardous waste, groundwater, industrial/municipal wastewater and plant/animal tissue. Consistent with best practices, the VOCs are analyzed in a segregated operational area to eliminate laboratory crosscontamination from SVOC and inorganic prep areas. 

Specialty analytical includes: 
EPA CLP for organic and inorganic test methods
Tissue testing (TCL/TAL and specialized analyses such as homolog PCBs)
Landfill gases by GC/FID
Low-level 1,4-Dioxane

Eurofins Spectrum Analytical has been a continuous participant in the EPA CLP program since 1995. The laboratory is consistently ranked one of the best in the program by EPA-contracted auditors and quarterly blind proficiency test studies. In addition to the regular on-site lab audits and frequent proficiency samples, the EPA conducts periodic reviews of unprocessed instrument raw data to provide an additional check on compliance with CLP protocols.

The primary service of this program is to provide analytical data of known and documented quality to government agencies and tribal communities. CLP laboratories must meet stringent requirements and standards for equipment, personnel, laboratory practices, and analytical and Quality Control (QC) operations. Since one of the principal purposes of the CLP is to support EPA legal actions under Superfund, data reports include sufficient documentation to withstand legal scrutiny in court proceedings. 

CLP data is used to define the nature and extent of contamination at Superfund sites, determine appropriate cleanup actions, determine emergency response and remedial actions, and enforce litigation activities. The data may be used in all stages of hazardous waste site investigations including site inspections, Hazardous Ranking System (HRS) scoring, remedial design and investigation, and feasibility studies.

The project management team is experienced in dealing with technical aspects associated with federal and state programs such as CLP and DoD, as well as the NYSDEC. Projects are supported with various online services such as glassware kit orders, price quotations, and rush analysis. Data portals allow clients web access to final reports including chain of custody forms and EDDs. Analytical certifications are held in most of the New England states, Florida, and Delaware along with Department of Defense approval through Laboratory Accreditation Bureau. The laboratory also has the required USDA permit to receive and analyze soils from foreign countries.