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Eurofins Environment Testing US– An Overview

As Eurofins Environment Testing US has grown to comprise seven laboratories and 21 service centers, it has been the overall goal to provide market-leading laboratory testing, monitoring and consulting services all with a constant focus on regulatory compliance, customer service and data integrity. The combined capabilities of these laboratories allow us to support projects under virtually any regulatory environmental program in nearly every state. Below is a snapshot of the capabilities of each of our laboratories:

Eurofins Air Toxics

Eurofins Air Toxics has more than 25 years of air expertise, having analyzed a wide range of matrices for both routine and specialty air testing programs. Their capabilities extend from trace-level measurements required for indoor air testing to identifying and quantifying organics in high-level sources as well as being the industry leader for EPA Method 325 testing.

Contact: Heidi Hayes

Eurofins Calscience
Eurofins Calscience is an industry leader in the environmental and marine chemistry laboratory testing field offering a comprehensive portfolio of analytical methods and expertise encompassing environmental matrices including air, groundwater, sea water, sediment, soil, wastewater and tissue. Through customer-focused service and superb data quality, they have grown to become one of the largest environmental testing laboratories in the Western U.S.

Contact: Kimberly Banks

Eurofins Eaton Analytical

Eurofins Eaton Analytical, with laboratories in Monrovia, CA, and South Bend, IN, has the largest potable water testing laboratory in the United States. They are drinking water certified in all 50 states and territories, LT2 Cryptosporidium and ISO 17025 accredited, and also certified under the NELAC Institute (TNI) national accreditation program, as well as being approved by the U.S. EPA to perform all seven UCMR3 methods.

Contact: EatonAnalytical@EurofinsUS.com

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences

Eurofins Frontier Global Sciences specializes in mercury, trace metals and metals speciation analysis. With expertise in measuring trace metals in air, soil, water, sediments and tissues, they have produced innovative and reliable analytical methods that are utilized around the world. 

Contact: Robert Brunette

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental

Founded in 1961, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental provides high-quality, NELAP-accredited scientific services in the environmental sciences. As the largest single-site environmental lab facility in the United States, they offer a comprehensive scope of services and technical expertise. Through their high-capacity laboratories, extensive instrumentation and comprehensive scope of certifications and accreditations they can handle projects of virtually any scope and size.

Contact: Don Wyand

Eurofins QC
Eurofins QC specializes in bioassay determinations providing aquatic toxicology services to clients regulated under the national Clean Water Act (CWA) as well as providing microbiological services in support of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). They also offer additional microbiological expertise in support of state and local recreational water programs used to verify swimmer safety from exposure to harmful bacteria. 

Contact: Ron Neu

Eurofins Spectrum Analytical

With laboratories located in Agawam, MA, and North Kingstown, RI, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Eurofins Spectrum Analytical offers a full range of test methods for sediments, soils, sludge, solid waste, hazardous waste, drinking water, groundwater, industrial wastewater, plant and animal tissue and air. Their Rhode Island laboratory is also a contract laboratory under the EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP).

Contact: Rebecca Merz