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The Search for Knowledge in a Quality Universe

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As part of our continual quest for promoting quality in our operations and our everyday interactions, both internally and externally, we are adding a new feature to Environmental News which will focus on a “Quality” topic. This issue’s topic is “The Search for Knowledge in a Quality Universe.”

The following quote from William A. Foster, a United States Marine and Medal of Honor recipient, exemplifies the direction that we as a laboratory need to take: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

We choose to provide quality in our systems and, as a result, to our clients. However, to provide quality in our regulated environment we need to espouse the knowledge that inundates our industry, make the effort to understand it and execute it. There are many ways that we can tackle and address the massive amount of information that is out there in our universe.

You can be assured that our QA and technical staff across Eurofins put in the “sincere effort” to find the relevant information and evaluate it to determine the wisest way to ensure compliance in our laboratories and/or to communicate information to our clients.

Recent examples of this include our efforts to comply across all our labs and to notify our clients in regard to the changes with the OSHA labeling regulations (see last issue of Environmental News); the 2014 implementation of the New Jersey Data of Known Quality Protocols (NJDKQPs) for which we presented instructional sessions to many of our clients (contact your account manager if you want us to present one of the NJDKQP sessions for your company); and our readiness and implementation to support our clients with the EPA 325 Fenceline Monitoring requirements and recent concerns surrounding Lead in Drinking Water.

Our staff participates in many agency committees, including:

  • Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB - member)

  • New Jersey Laboratory Advisory Committee (NJELAC – chair)

  • The NELAC Institute Expert Committees (TNI – we have employees serving on five different committees)

  • Joint Editorial Board of Standard Methods (member)

  • Editorial Board for the Journal of the American Water Works Association (chair)

  • California Environmental Lab Technical Advisory Committee (CA ELTAC – member)

  • American Water Works Association Technical Advisory Workgroup for Candidate Contaminant List (co-chair)

  • Pennsylvania Laboratory Accreditation Advisory Committee (PA LAAC – member)

In addition, you will see us represented at many industry conferences as presenters, attendees, panel members, etc. While this list is “TNTC” (too numerous to count), it covers the wide range of meetings such as TNI and Department of Defense (DoD) regulatory conferences to technical meetings addressing such varied topics as drinking water, sediment, and emerging contaminants.

All of this activity is with the goal of ensuring that we have the knowledge to stay ahead of the changes in our industry, that we can actively contribute to what those changes may be, and ensure that we can skillfully execute compliance with these for both our laboratories and our clients. This brings Knowledge together with Quality ensuring that all is right in our (and your) Universe.

For more information, contact DorothyLove@EurofinsUS.com.