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Sample Integrity from Field to Lab

Presented by Nicole Leja, President, Eurofins Spectrum Analytical
This webinar will focus on maintaining sample integrity from collection to submittal. Items reviewed will include proper sample homogenization, container decontamination and ID labeling in the field. Details that are mandatory for completing the Chain of Custody form will be explained. Examples of proper and improper procedures will be included as a resource to field staff.

UCMR4 - A Primer

Presented by Andy Eaton, Vice President and Technical Director, Eurofins Eaton Analytical
UCMR4 monitoring is scheduled to begin in January 2018 and will affect all utilities serving more than 10,000 population. This webinar will review the requirements of UCMR4, focusing on differences from UCMR3 and some of the unique aspects of UCMR4 and provide utilities with potential tools to assist with compliance and critical actions to take in 2017.

Coming Up! Canister Sampling in the “Real World”

Presentation by Heidi Hayes, Technical Director, Eurofins Air Toxics
Environmental professionals have relied on Summa canisters for vapor sample collection since the publication of EPA TO-14 in 1987. While TO-14 and its subsequent updates TO-14A and TO-15 were written for the collection and analysis of ambient air, canisters have routinely been adapted to a range of applications and deployed at sites under widely variable environmental conditions. In this presentation, we take our canister sampling equipment out of the climate-controlled and the predictable and into the wild and uncharacteristic, sharing our experience over the past 28 years supporting field staff with their sampling challenges. Whether you are new to canister sampling or carry 9/16 and 1/2” wrenches in your back pocket, this webinar is designed to provide a practical guide to canister sampling in the real world.