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Founded in 1987, Eurofins STA Laboratories, Inc. is the only independent agricultural product testing laboratory that offers genetic, seed quality, plant health diagnostic services and products to the seed and plant industries. Our three business units, Eurofins STA Genetic Services, Eurofins STA Seed Quality Services and Eurofins STA Plant Health Services, customize testing programs and integrate services to best meet customer demands in the U.S. and around the world. Eurofins STA Laboratories operates two state-of-the-art facilities, one in Longmont, CO and the other in Gilroy, CA. Over 1,000 companies and government agencies have used Eurofins STA services and products to make objective product decisions that manage risk, ensure quality, and improve the genetics of plants.

Our goal is customer success. Our mission is to provide expert, knowledgeable, confidential, accurate, and timely agricultural product testing and diagnostic services using innovative and reliable methods that are scientifically-validated.

For results you can trust and personal service that helps you succeed, call Eurofins STA Laboratories.