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GFSI Basics: Is FSSC 22000 Right For Your Company?

April 2016

Food Safety Tech recently sat down with experts from Eurofins to discuss FSSC 22000. According to Kristopher Middleton, technical manager at Eurofins, and Kim Knoll, food safety systems national sales manager at the company, there are still quite a few companies (especially in North America) that are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the certification scheme.  Read More!

Quality Training in a GMP Testing Facility: 8 Steps to Get Employees Compliant

March 2016

In this article, Eurofins' Tegan offers a step-by-step process to get employees in compliance with GMP standards. /span> Read More!

FSMA Mandates Employee Training. Are You Prepared?

February 2016

In this interview, Eurofins' Gary Smith offers some insights, and talks about the new challenges that FSMA poses for employee training. Read More!

Moving from GMP to GFSI Audits

December 2014

In this interview, Eurofins’ Gary Smith offers some insights, and talks about challenges involved in moving from traditional GMP audits to GFSI-recognized food safety certification audits. Read More!

Look at your Food Safety Testing Needs, and Carefully Assess your Lab

November 2014

Jordan Shaw, Microbiology Quality Manager for Eurofins US, talks about ISO accreditation, importance of lab design, dealing with hot samples, and practical challenges that food safety testing labs commonly encounter. Read More!

Why Food Safety Training Fails, and What Can be Done?

October 2014

“A good training program needs to address why are we doing this, what is the reason and rationale behind the training. The WHY is as important as WHAT we need to do. Often times, trainers are great auditors, but bad trainers.” – Eurofins’ Gary Smith. Read More!

Environmental Monitoring - Another Leg on the Food Safety Management Stool

September 2014

Food companies are finding a substantial non-regulatory push for environmental monitoring from their customers. As a result, firms without environmental monitoring programs will soon find it challenging to escape criticism from inspectors, auditors, and customers. In this Q&A, Eurofins' Dr. Doug Marshall speaks about his workshop on Environmental Monitoring. Read More!

Is that Red Snapper on your Plate Really a Red Snapper?

March 2014

New testing methods, such as DNA barcoding, can make identification of fish species, and hence verification of food safety and quality, quicker and easier – a discussion with Eurofins’ E. Pearce Smith. Read More!