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5 Things to Know About SQF Edition 8

April 2017 -- The Eurofins Food Safety Systems team selected 5 major updates you need to know to jump-start your transition to SQF Code Edition 8. Read More

Are You Ready? FDA NLEA Updates

April 2017 -- Updated rules were created in response to new scientific information regarding consumer health and dietary lifestyles. The major updates you should know can be summarized into three main changes... Read More

Eurofins' Partner Receives First-Ever GFSI Award

March 2017 -- Champion Petfoods was recently recognized at the GFSI Awards. After winning, the Champion Petfoods team shared how their partnership with Eurofins lead them to success. Read More 

How is DNA Sequenced

March 2017 -- A guide through the genomics language barrier. Written by Sanjay K. Singh, Douglas Marshall, Ph.D., and Gregory Siragusa. Read More

Microbiomes a Versatile Tool for FMSA Validation and Verification

February 2017 -- These microorganisms can also help you define and mitigate risks. Written by Douglas Marshall, Ph.D., and Gregory Siragusa. Read More

Microbiomes Move Standard Plate Count One Step Forward

January 2017 -- These microorganisms open the door to the vast and varied biosphere of the microbiology of food. Read More

Introducing a New Column: Food Genomics

 November 2016 -- Genomics has several powerful applications that food safety professionals can leverage. Read More

Quality Training in a GMP Testing Facility: 8 Steps to Get Employees Compliant 

March 2016 -- In this article, Eurofins' Tegan offers a step-by-step process to get employees in compliance with GMP standards. Read More

FSMA Mandates Employee Training. Are You Prepared?

February 2016 -- In this interview, Eurofins' Gary Smith offers some insights and talks about the new challenges that FSMA poses for employee training. Read More

Moving from GMP to GFSI Audits

December 2014 -- In this interview, Eurofins’ Gary Smith offers some insights and talks about challenges involved in moving from traditional GMP audits to GFSI-recognized food safety certification audits. Read More

Why Food Safety Training Fails, and What Can be Done? 

October 2014 -- “A good training program needs to address why are we doing this, what are the reason and rationale behind the training. The WHY is as important as WHAT we need to do. Often times, trainers are great auditors, but bad trainers.” – Eurofins’ Gary Smith. Read More

Environmental Monitoring - Another Leg on the Food Safety Management Stool 

September 2014 -- Food companies are finding a substantial non-regulatory push for environmental monitoring from their customers. As a result, firms without environmental monitoring programs will soon find it challenging to escape criticism from inspectors, auditors, and customers. In this Q&A, Eurofins's Dr. Doug Marshall speaks about his workshop on Environmental Monitoring. Read More