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In-Line Analysis

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The QTA in-line system is composed of 3 major parts, a NIR spectrometer, fiber optic cables and a fiber optic probe going to the processing tank/or a transmission flow-cell installed on the processing pipeline. NIR in-line analysis also names as NIR on-line analysis which is used to analyze the sample properties directly from the processing tank/line without taking the sample out.

The QTA In-Line Advantage:

1. Fast analysis without taking sample out of the processing vessel/line.
2. Chemical information of the processing sample can be obtained and managed in real time
3. Ensure safety without potential employee exposer
4. Reduce batch cycling time
5. Minimize sample contamination
6. Reduce waste
7. With fiber optic cables and probes, NIR analyzer can be up to 50 m from the processing vessel/line.
8. Using multiplexer, one NIR analyzer can connect up to 16 sampling points along the processing vessel/line.

QTA In-Line Analysis for the Biodiesel Production

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