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QTA® is a full-service or consultation provider of infrared services for those wishing to begin or upgrade their existing analysis. Our experienced team and adaptable solution allow us to create solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Some of the services we provide include:

Instrument implementation (bench top and in-line) – To obtain impactful results, you must use the right tools; you would not use a wrench to drive a nail. QTA® uses a wide range of in-line and bench-top units to provide our clients with the right tool for the right job. After the appropriate instrument has been selected, it will be shipped and installed on-site at your location.

IR Modeling (calibration development) – Our team of experts create model calibrations that help our clients run IR machinery. Without these models in place, IR instruments results become unreliable and unusable. QTA® provides years of experience successfully implementing our models across many industries and we continuously update these models to assure units are working properly.

24/7 Support- With continuous production and clients in every time zone, we know that support could be needed at any hour. That is why we provide our clients with 24/7 support for all questions and concerns related to their machine and results.

Consulting on Special IR Projects - For those wishing to implement IR in a unique way or exploring ways to improve their existing system, we provide consultation regarding special infrared projects. When choosing QTA® as a partner, clients get access to our team of IR experts, models, our patented algorithms, instrument, training, service and customized recommendations based on your needs.