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Why QTA?

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Quality Trait Analysis (QTA) provides tiered solutions to develop, implement and maximize the benefits of infrared technology to your operations through cloud computing. With high quality data from the robust methods, you can measurably increase the value of your finished product anywhere in the supply chain, improve your process yields, reduce waste, and improve profitability. QTA services include:

  1. Optimization of existing NIR/IR applications
  2. Implementation of new IR/NIR systems tailored to your applications
    1. Benchtop solution
    2. In-line applications
  3. Development and maintenance of infrared applications and algorithms
  4. Consultation on special infrared projects

QTA improves production yields and helps you manage your processes.

  • Real time results improve product yields and reduce rework & waste
  • No sample preparation gets you results faster with fewer resources
  • The QTA Network provides superior accuracy and consistency
  • Turnkey solution gets you up and running faster
  • Requires fewer technical resources for quality controlqta_um_system_004.jpg
  • Ease of use reduces training time
  • Technical service is available 24 x 7
  • System monitoring is performed in the background
  • Updates are transparent to the user
  • The QTA Network provides industry standardization
  • QTA’s enabling technology: Chingometrics