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Eurofins STA Seed Quality Services is known globally as being comprised of team of highly experienced seed testing professionals. We provide clients with accurate and timely diagnostic services, using reliable and scientifically validated testing methods. Every month of the year, our high throughput laboratories handle thousands of samples in different species from companies and organizations around the world.

To better serve our clients in the seed industry, as well as users of vegetable, field crop, flower, wildflower, and native-species seeds, Eurofins STA Seed Quality Services has established two departments staffed by expert scientists and Registered Seed Technologists. The Seed Health Department operates laboratories in each of our two facilities; Longmont, Colorado and Gilroy, California.

  • Seed Health - They determine the health of your seed lots using numerous seed pathology tests including our industry-leading Bacterial Fruit Blotch (BFB) greenhouse testing. This department is staffed with highly trained professionals experienced in testing seed lots for the presence of seed borne bacteria, fungi, viruses or nematodes. Our most highly demanded tests are accredited through the USDA National Seed Health System
  • Seed Analysis - They analyze the quality of lots using tests for germination, physical purity and vigor to reduce your chances of having to absorb losses caused by poor quality seed. Testing protocols follow AOSA, ISTA or Canadian rules and are all under the auspices of a Registered Seed Technologist.

To learn more about how Eurofins STA Seed Quality Services can help you reduce business risks and improve seed health, contact Connie O'Brien at 888-782-5220 or stacoinfo@eurofinsus.com or stalabsca@eurofinsus.com.