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Eurofins STA Laboratories is the only authorized U.S.-based distributor for BIOREBA AG products. Represented by distributors in over 50 countries, BIOREBA AG was the first company to produce and commercialize ELISA reagents for plant virus diagnostics. Around the world, BIOREBA AG reagents and equipment are used to detect more than 100 plant pathogens in laboratory-scale ELISA operations.

As BIOREBA AG's U.S. distributor, Eurofins STA Laboratories provides you with superior after sale service, excellent product quality, and true cost savings. Our staff is available to answer all product and technical service questions, as well as provide warranty repair and service of BIOREBA AG equipment in our Gilroy, CA or Longmont, CO offices.

To receive general information about BIOREBA AG products and to place an order, contact us at 800-426-9124 or email For technical questions, contact Judit Monis at 408-846-9964.

BIOREBA is pleased to announce the new lateral flow test AgriStrip for the detection of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV).  CMV is distributed world-wide and of economic importance in a large variety of crop plants.     

Please click on the following link for additional product information on CMV:

Bioreba is also announcing a new ELISA test for the detection of Maize chlorotic mottle virus, MCMV.  In combination with other viruses, MCMV causes a serious disease named Maize lethal necrosis (MLN), that causes significant maize crop losses of up to 100%.

For more information about MCMV, please click on the following links for a descriptive flyer and a product information sheet:


If you’d like to place an order, please email Linda Boumeester at or call her at 1-800-426-9124.  If you have any technical questions, please email Judit Monis at


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