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Grapevine and Plant Disease Testing

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Eurofins STA Plant Health Services offers customized Disease Diagnostics and Resistance Screening services at the California facility. Our staff has extensive pathogen detection and screening experience to accurately assess your cultivars for specific disease status and/or resistance/susceptibility reaction.

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If you missed the Grapevine Graft Transmissible Diseases: Management and Control session held on November 19th  By Judit Monis, Ph.D.

Grapevine disease-causing organisms may be present and established in the vineyard or spread from neighboring vineyards. This webinar will provide information on symptoms and disease causing agents that are graft transmitted.  Another aim is to help vineyard managers and growers understand disease development and spread.  The ultimate goal is to provide information on strategies to control the spread and propagation of diseases in the vineyard.

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