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Molecular Markers

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The Eurofins STA Genetic Services Division molecular marker program can quickly select critical traits to assist in finding recombinants and segregates that set your breeding program apart from your competitors! Dr. Gene Hookstra with over 20 years experience applying molecular markers to breeding programs provides assistance in determining the most efficient applications to obtain your genetic objectives Our dedicated and skilled staff members work side-by-side with you to understand your individual program needs and come up with solutions that deliver the most effective and accurate results.

The Eurofins STA Molecular Marker Program for Plant Breeding is project based and our laboratory has been recently upgraded to ensure high-throughput efficiency and cost competitive analyses. We provide a high price-to-quality return on your DNA analysis investment. Our high-throughput DNA laboratory is located in our Colorado facility and is supported by a network of Eurofins DNA laboratories throughout the world. The entire Genetic Services staff is committed to rapid, accurate, and reliable testing for our clients. Superior Customer Service is a trademark of Eurofins STA Laboratories and our unique sample collection, in-depth data reporting and superior analyses ensure that quality and reliable results are returned to you on a timely basis.

We offer the following services for plant breeding success:

For more information, contact Gene Hookstra, Ph.D. at 800.426.9124 or email