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Adventitious presence (AP) is defined as the unintended presence of unwanted biotech traits in a seed lot. This paper outlines the basic steps required to design a robust and informative AP testing program.

Obtaining a good representative sample is essential in establishing the true characterization of a seed lot. By following proper sampling procedures, seed producers can gain confidence that they have removed a potential source of error in the testing process. In our webinar, Nicolette Rusch and Terry Dunfield of Eurofins BioDiagnsotics discuss the AASCO-approved seed sampling procedures that are necessary to draw a precise sample.

Fill out the Eurofins Agrigenomics form for Allflex TSU, blood sample cards, and/or hair sample cards, then submit it to It's that easy!

Download our Eurofins Agrigenomics blood card instructions to learn the three easy steps to taking an animal blood sample.

DuPont Nutrition & Health (N&H) and Eurofins have developed and validated strain-level identification assays in probiotic testing, leading the way for industry-wide product integrity and label accuracy.

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