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Poultry Capabilities

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Parentage Capabilities

Eurofins Agrigenomics rapidly delivers your parentage testing results at a turnaround time faster than the industry standard. Breed-specific customizations are simple with GBS parentage panels and can allow up to 2500 markers to allow for additional trait analysis. Our team of experts has experience assisting organizations with the transition from STR (microsatellite) to SNP parentage in a timely and affordable manner.

SNP parentage markers are available on:

  • Affymetrix Arrays
  • Illumina BeadChips
  • GBS Platforms

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Customizable Product Offerings

We have endless low, medium, and high-density custom panel capabilities across all species with competitive pricing and fast, customizable product development for the following:

  • Affymetrix Axiom arrays
  • Illumina BeadChips
  • Panels for a multitude of platforms including GBS, Sanger Sequencing, Fluidigm EP1, & others

Custom arrays can be designed in as quickly as 1-4 months.


Additional Poultry Products

Affymetrix Axiom Chicken Array -600K

- Over 580,000 markers selected from 1.8M tested variants
- Over 24 breeds represented including commercial layers and broilers and non-commercial outbred lines
- Developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions and commercial poultry companies including the Roslin Institute, Aviagen Ltd, Hy-Line International under BBSRC LINK funding and the German Synbreed project funded by the BMBF
- Detects genetic variants in white egg layers, brown egg layers, broilers and outbred non-commercial breeds

Affymetrix Axiom Turkey Array

- Includes 643,845 SNPs
- Enable turkey breeders to screen birds for economically important traits
- Markers associated with meat characteristics, health outcomes, and fertility
- Developed using a collaboration with the USDA, Hendrix Genetics, and Aviagen


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