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Eurofins BDI has provided high-quality testing services to the cucurbits industry for many years. Cucurbits—also known as cucurbitaceae or the gourds family—are the species with the most food used for human consumption. Cucurbits are a family of healthy foods. Our scientists have extensive experience handling and preparing matrices for testing and providing analytical services to the cucurbits industry. Eurofins offers the following cucurbits testing services:

Disease Resistance Screening Genetic Fingerprinting Genetic Purity
Germination, Vigor and Physical Purity Molecular Breeding Marker Assisted Selection
Marker Assisted Backcrossing QTL & Association Mapping Positional Gene Cloning
Marker Discovery & Development Genomic Selection Custom Diagnostics
Seed Health Testing Virology Bacteriology
Mycology Bacterial Fruit Blotch Seed Treatment Analysis


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