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Eurofins BDI has provided high-quality testing services to the soybean industry for many years. The soybean is the most economically important bean in the world. Soybeans provide vegetable protein for millions of people and ingredients for hundreds of chemical products worldwide. Our scientists have extensive experience handling and preparing matrices for testing and providing analytical services to the soybean industry. Eurofins offers the following soybean testing services:

Adventitious Presence Event ID & Zygosity Trait Confirmation
Fatty Acid Profiling Genetic Fingerprinting Genetic Purity
Germination, Vigor and Physical Purity Molecular Breeding Marker Assisted Selection
Marker Assisted Backcrossing QTL & Association Mapping Positional Gene Cloning
Marker Discovery & Development Genomic Selection Seed Treating
Seed Health Testing Virology Bacteriology
Mycology Seed Treatment Analysis


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