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Adventitous Presence

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Adventitious Presence Testing - AP Testing

Adventitious Presence Testing with Eurofins

Eurofins BioDiagnostics maintains well-established relationships with all major commercial trait providers which allow us to offer a customized, comprehensive AP-testing program that covers the spectrum of commercially available biotech traits. Our fast turnaround times and expert consultation ensure that you get timely results and the context in which to best understand them.

What is adventitious presence?

Adventitious presence (AP) is the unintended presence of unwanted biotech traits in seed or grain lots or field populations. It is vital that any breeding or seed production program conduct AP testing at the appropriate stages — with quality samples and statistically significant sample sizes, for appropriate targets, in order to ensure the highest-quality product.

What are the benefits of AP Testing?

 AP testing benefits for seed production and plant breeding programs:

  • QA data to measure product against internal quality standards
  • Eliminates the cost of advancing breeding lines contaminated with unwanted biotech traits
  • Significant competitive advantage over programs that do not verify product integrity through AP testing
  • Reduced liability 


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