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Disease Resistance Screening

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What is disease resistance screening?

Plant pathogens are a significant problem in modern production agriculture. They are a major source of millions of dollar worth of losses to growers and farmers on an annual basis. Breeding for tolerant and/or resistant lines has helped in the development of new lines and varieties that can withstand various pathogens and have sufficient yield in the field. Plant breeders, however, often need to screen a large number of plants to find resistant lines. This process is extremely important in order to have a successful breeding program that can generate resistant varieties.

Plant disease resistance screening can be performed in the field or the greenhouse. The greenhouse screening takes advantage of controlled environmental conditions and therefore, it could be more reliable than field tests. Though both field and greenhouse screening are important the advantage of controlled environmental conditions helps to speed up the resistance screening process.

Disease Resistance Screening at Eurofins

Eurofins BioDiagnostics scientists have many years of experience with different plant pathogens in a wide range of crops and can help interested parties in screening their germplasm to detect resistant lines quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective manner. We are scaling up our greenhouse and lab space capacity to screen large a numbers of lines in the most economically important crops such as tomato, pepper, cucurbits, and various row crops.


We screen for the following pathogens:


Cucurbits disease resistance screening

- Cucumber mosaic virus
- Papaya ring spot virus
- Zucchini yellow mosaic virus
- Watermelon mosaic virus
- Squash mosaic virus
- Powdery mildew
- Fusarium


Lettuce disease resistance screening

- Bremia lactucae
- Race VII and VIII


Pepper disease resistance screening

- Pepper mild mottle virus
- Bacterial spot race 3
- Bacterial spot race 4
- Bacterial spot race 5


Tomato disease resistance screening

- Fusarium crown and root rot
- Fusarium race US1/EU0
- Fusarium race US2/EU1
- Fusarium race US3/EU2
- Tomato Stemphyllium
- Tomato Verticillium
- Tomato root and knot nematode - M. incognita
- Tomato bacterial speck 0
- Tomato bacterial speck 1
- Tomato mosaic virus 0
- Tomato mosaic virus 1
- Tomato mosaic virus 1.2
- Tobacco mosaic virus
- Tomato spotted wilt virus


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