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Fatty Acid Profiling

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What is fatty acid profiling?

Fatty acid profiling (also known as the analysis of fatty acid methyl esters, or FAME) determines the quality of oil seeds and processed oil by identifying and quantifying the fatty acids present in a sample.

The resulting fatty acid composition profile provides critical assistance in valuing oil seeds and processed oil for the marketplace.

Fatty Acid Profiling at Eurofins

Eurofins BioDiagnostics’ automated high-throughput capabilities and expert, experienced technicians deliver accurate results quickly. With all of our oil-seed and processed-oil customers, we use test results to identify quality, helping you meet expectations and make effective business decisions.

With multiple AOCS Approved Chemists on staff, EBDI is an active member of  AOCS and has access to ISO and FASA methods for oil analysis.

Benefits of Fatty Acid Profiling (FAME Analysis)

Benefits for Oil-Seed Production & Distribution

  • Establish quality assurance program for oil-seed crops
  • Determine that product meets specific profile goals

Benefits for Breeding Programs

  • Enhance selection and advancement of lines with desired fatty acid profiles

Benefits for Processed-Oil Assessment Programs

  • Tangible evidence of quality assurance regarding fatty acid composition as it may influence such characteristics as taste, healthfulness, shelf life, color, etc.

Fatty acid profiling is available for:


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