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Genetic Fingerprinting

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What is genetic fingerprinting?

Genetic fingerprinting, or genotyping, involves the identification of the genetic make-up of the genome of seed and plant-tissue samples, thereby revealing the alleles an individual inherited from their parents. This powerful DNA testing method allows both seed producers and plant breeders to differentiate lines, even those with only slight genetic variation, such as inbred homozygous lines, and to definitively identify genotypes.

Necessary for QTL mapping and association mapping analysis.

Genetic Fingerprinting at Eurofins

Eurofins BioDiagnostics uses SNP-based molecular markers to fingerprint proprietary crops, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. This marker system offers the best value for accurate and cost-effective information.

Our experts conduct a wide range of statistical and computational analyses on raw genotyping data to characterize the pattern of genetic diversity in breeding material. Understanding the genetic relatedness, kinship and population structure is key to designing any effective breeding program. Eurofins BioDiagnostics combines genotyping with data analysis services, providing you with meaningful results.

We use our sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology, including liquid-handling robots, as well as a wide range of genotyping platforms, such as Illumina iScan and Affymetrix GeneTitan to strategically meet the specific needs of each customer.

Benefits of Genetic Fingerprinting

Our lab turns around test results quickly, and our experts are ready to assist you with interpreting those results.

Benefits for Seed Production

  • Quality control through the verification of seed variety stored in bins and bags
  • Assurance that seed-tag labeling is accurate for the stated variety
  • Identification of questionable varieties or hybrids

Benefits for Breeding Programs

  • Assessment of the genetic diversity of breeding lines
  • Determination of the similarity of breeding populations
  • Determination of the best heterotic group in hybrid seed production
  • Protection of valuable intellectual property
  • Identification and verification of unique genetic fingerprints for PVP patent applications

Genetic fingerprinting is available for: