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Germination, Vigor, & Physical Purity

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Germination, vigor and physical purity are three seed-quality characteristics targeted in standard seed tests for agronomic crops, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and grasses. These tests are critical for determining a seed lot’s performance in the field and/or greenhouse. Furthermore, U.S. seed labeling laws require that labels contain germination, physical purity, and noxious weed percentages.

Eurofins BioDiagnostics offers exceptional standard seed testing on all species. We conduct tests according to AOSA rules, as well as ISTA and Canadian Methods and Procedures for Testing Seeds.

Eurofins BioDiagnostics is a USDA Accredited Seed Lab for seed testing. This accreditation means that EBDI’s Report of Analysis is recognized worldwide.

Six registered seed technologists (RSTs) actively test seed samples and have a cumulative total of more than six decades in the industry.

Our process control and thorough training ensure that we provide timely, accurate and repeatable results.

Germination, vigor, and purity testing benefits for seed production and distribution:

  • Quality assurance of seed lots
  • Fulfillment of Federal Seed Act requirements for seed labeling
  • Assessment of storage potential
  • Determination of where seed can be sold

Germination, vigor, and physical purity testing is available for:


SST Purity/Noxious Test      
Purity-Noxious Test Purity-Noxious Test Purity-Noxious Test    
SST Standard Germination Test  (Warm/Sand)     
 Standard Germination Test  Standard Germination Standard Germination  Standard Germination   
SST Viability Test  (Tetrazolium Chloride-TZ)     
 Viability Test  Viability Test  Viability Test Viability Test  Viability Test 
SST Vigor Tests   (Cold, Super Cold, AA)    
 Vigor Test  Vigor Test