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Marker Assisted Backcrossing

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Conventional backcrossing can take up to five generations to recover the recurrent parent along with the desired trait(s). At Eurofins BioDiagnostics, we use molecular markers, primarily SNP markers, to assist backcrossing programs, helping to reduce the number of backcross generations, and greatly decreasing the time for recovery of the recurrent parent. By using marker-assisted backcrossing, not only can the genes of interest be tracked, but also the contribution of the recurrent parent genome can be visualized and monitored during the process. 

Eurofins BioDiagnostics scientists have identified an optimal number of markers spaced throughout a plant's genome and can help the customer during the process by selecting the best markers and the ideal population to be created during the process. In each backcross generation, the population has a wide range of the percentage of recurrent parent genome. Applying DNA markers effectively and efficiently allows you to identify the individuals that inherit the highest percentage of the recurrent parent genome plus the trait of interest. As a compliment after backcrossing, our service can select individuals homozygous for the trait of interest thereby expediting commercialization of your product.

We provide an effective alternative to using internal lab resources and can tailor a marker strategy that effectively integrates and optimizes your unique breeding program.

Marker-assisted backcrossing is available for: