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Marker Assisted Selection

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Marker Assisted Selection at Eurofins

Eurofins BioDiagnostics performs marker-assisted selection services to help ensure that desired trait(s) are identified and introgressed into segregating genetic backgrounds.

By testing appropriate population sizes and employing DNA markers correctly, breeders can design their next inbred to be a desired genetic ratio of the original parents or cross. This process can also decrease the number of generations required to reach a satisfactory level of homozygosity in developing the next superior inbred parent.

Using various SNP platforms such as Array Tape Platform (ATP) we can genotype thousands of samples for many different traits in a single day. Eurofins BioDiagnostics has an extensive inventory of markers associated with different agronomically important traits in various crops which can be validated in your germplasm and be used without any prior research experiment. 

Marker-assisted selection services are available for: