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Marker Discovery & Development

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Marker Discovery & Development at Eurofins

Eurofins BioDiagnostics has a long history of helping different segments of the seed industry to discover new molecular markers by creating public or private consortia. We have helped the seed industry to develop new high-density markers for DNA fingerprinting using the most sophisticated cost-effective sequencing approaches in collaboration with other public and private stakeholders. In close collaboration with Illumina or Affymetrix, we can determine and make the optimal genotyping panels to satisfy a wide range of end users.

Marker discovery can lead to the identification of optimal SNP panels for genetic purity or varietal verification purposes. After fingerprinting your parental lines and building a genetic database for those lines, Eurofins BioDiagnostics can help you to find the optimal SNP panel for your genetic purity purposes. We also can develop PCR based markers for your trait of interest in close collaboration with your internal lab when needed.

Marker discovery & development services are available for: