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QTL & Association Mapping

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Traits that are very important but are difficult to select by phenotype can be mapped or identified using appropriate phenotypic, genotypic and statistical analyses. We can help you find useful markers associated with the trait of your interest that can be used in your marker-assisted selection process. 

Eurofins BioDiagnostics apply different state-of-the-art platforms for high-density SNP marker genotyping (Illumina or Affymetrix) that can help you in QTL mapping or association mapping projects. When high-density marker genotyping is applied to a segregating or recombinant inbred population along with appropriate phenotypic data, genomic regions can be identified which contribute to a specific phenotype. The phenotype or trait could be a quantitative trait implying many genes could contribute to the phenotype or a qualitative trait resulting from one or two major genes.  Using association mapping analysis the association of markers to the trait(s) of interest can also be detected directly in breeding populations or even gene bank germplasm without having specific pedigree structure.  The resolution in association mapping (AM) is much higher than QTL mapping and can detect multiple QTL’s related to different traits of interest at the same time.

Like all of Eurofins BioDiagnostics services, our geneticists will work closely with you to determine the best population type to work with, number of individuals to test, number of markers to apply, and other unique aspects of your breeding program to help ensure you accomplish your program goals.

QTL & association mapping services are available for: