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Grapevine Red Blotch Disease

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Grapevine red blotch associated virus is a newly described virus associated with grapevine red blotch disease found infecting vineyards in California and throughout USA, and Canada. Due to the similarity of foliar symptoms it is likely that the effect of GRBaV infection was confused with leafroll disease or other disorders that cause reddening in red fruited grape varieties. In spite of its name, GRBaV affects white fruited varieties also. Besides the typical foliar symptoms, GRBaV has been reported to affect sugar accumulation in grapevines reducing the brix values and delaying the harvest of fruit. 

As soon as this virus was reported at the International Grapevine Virus Congress in October 2012, we developed a reliable testing method to detect it. GRBaV has detected in all tissues tested: leaf blades (both mature and new), petioles, green or lignified canes, as well as cordon, and trunk tested throughout the season.  This allows GRBaV to be tested with any of our HealthCheck popular panels (Panel A, Panel B, or Panel PD).

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