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Seed Health Testing

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EBDI offers the following seed health testing services:

Eurofins BioDiagnostics Inc. (EBDI) maintains an extensive set of validated testing procedures for seed-borne and seed-transmitted pathogen identification. EBDI not only provides high-quality results, but also the context you need to make informed decisions regarding the seed health of your crops.

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Our seed lab takes the necessary steps to ensure high-quality service:

  • Consistent staff training conducted by certified plant pathologists
  • Incorporation of new technologies to improve ID of seed-transmitted pathogens
  • Routine participation in industry-wide proficiency/comparative tests
  • Maintenance of relevant industry accreditations
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Navigating regulation & global business

  • Seed-borne pathogen testing minimizes the risk of introducing diseases into new areas
  • Ensure that your seeds meet import requirements & avoid being subject to quarantine regulations
  • Use testing results for the application & issuance of phytosanitary certificates

Many of our protocols are both nationally (NSHS) and internationally (ISHI) validated and recognized, for quality repeatable results.