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Mycology Testing

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The Mycology laboratory at Eurofins BioDiagnostics specialized in the detection of seed borne fungal pathogens. Our tests follow validated protocols that are specifically developed to determine the presence of certain fungal pathogens in specific crops.

Many of our protocols are both nationally (NSHS) validated and internationally recognized (ISHI).

We offer a wide range of tests for a diverse list of crops, the tests have been chosen based on the economic importance of the pathogen for growers in the fields.

We rely on three main detection methods for fungal identification and detection, Blotter paper/ Seed wash and Culture plate. For every identification method used in our laboratory we also utilize microscopy in order to observe the morphology of characteristic structures of the pathogen.

In specific cases we also conduct a pathogenicity test for confirmation, this includes the use of seedlings of a target crop that are inoculated with the specific pathogen in order to produce the characteristic symptoms on the plants.

Blotter Paper/Microscopy Blotter Paper
Seed Wash/Microscopy Seed Wash
Culture Plate/Microscopy Culture Plate
Pathogenicity Test Pathogenicity Test


Mycology testing is available for: