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Seed Treating

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The custom application of seed treatments, including the application of fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, and biologicals, to control pests is an essential tool for facilitating product development and selection. Eurofins BioDiagnostics offers custom seed-treatment application for research or field trial purposes. For seed treatment producers who wish to evaluate the efficacy of seed treatments or seed treatment combinations, we serve as an impartial third party for field trials and seed safety studies.

An expert in seed handling with multiple licensed pesticide applicators on staff, EBDI applies seed treatments accurately and completely, ensuring that your seed is ready for trials and studies.

Seed treatment benefits for seed production and distribution

  • Evaluation of proprietary products and testing against other producers’ proprietary products
  • Assurance that seed treatment is applied expertly
  • Assurance of the credibility of field trials and seed safety studies through an independent third party for seed treating


Seed treatment services are available for: