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Seed Treatment Analysis

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Seed treatment loading rate analysis determines the accuracy of the application of seed treatments (chemical fungicides, insecticides, and biologicals) on a wide variety of seeds. With more experience in seed treatment analysis than any other third-party lab in the industry, Eurofins BioDiagnostics uses proprietary HPLC methods to verify treatment application rates, helping customers achieve desired application, control costs and manage their liability.

Drawing on their expertise, our professionals work closely with customers to calibrate treaters and verify proper application rates throughout the production season. In this way, we will consult with you on an ongoing basis to help you streamline and optimize your seed treatment processes.

EBDI also offers residue analysis to determine the presence and absence of commonly used grain protectants in seed samples.

  • Seed treatment analysis benefits for seed production and distribution:
    • Quality assurance through the verification of proper seed treatment application
    • Verification of application of correct chemicals
    • Identification of unknown when chemical application is in doubt
    • Calibration of treaters throughout the production season to ensure proper treatment application
    • Avoidance of undertreatment of seed, hence adequately protecting seed from threats
    • Avoidance of costly, wasteful overapplication of treatments
    • Protect reputation and limit liability in the industry
    • Residue analysis benefits for seed production and distribution
  • Using residue analysis, seed producers and distributors can:
    • Establish a quality assurance program
    • Determine that a seed lot meets the criteria for international exportation
    • Provide assurance that a seed lot contains no unwanted chemical residues

 Seed treatment analysis is available for: