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Trait Confirmation

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Biotech traits, including traits conferring insect, herbicide, and/or abiotic stress resistance, are prevalent in many agronomic crops, including corn, soybean, and cotton. The presence and purity of these traits must be confirmed in any quality assurance program for both seed producers and plant breeders. This ensures that seed meets the requirements specified in the trait providers’ licensing agreements. We use ELISA and herbicide bioassay to test for biotech trait purity.

Eurofins BioDiagnostics has an in-depth understanding of trait–provider requirements. We work and partner with trait providers, validating new traits as they emerge and ensuring that our technologies remain cutting edge as new traits become available. Dedicated to consulting with you about the results of your tests, we test seed, seedlings and early leaf tissue and will help you troubleshoot production and breeding issues.

  • Trait purity confirmation benefits for seed production
    • Quality assurance through verification of the trait purity of seed lots
    • Conformity with trait provider requirements for testing
    • Confirmation of protein expression
    • Use of BDI’s sample submission tool, which helps you choose the appropriate traits for testing
    • Trait purity confirmation benefits for breeding programs
  • Quality assurance through the verification of the presence of traits
    • Confirmation of trait presence during trait integration
    • Confirmation of protein expression
    • Confirmation of zygosity using test crosses
    • Verification of the trait purity of foundation seed lots



 Trait confirmation is available for: