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Eurofins’ Extractables & Leachables Symposium is well-received

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E&L SymposiumOn October 12, 2017 Eurofins hosted the inaugural Extractables and Leachables Symposium for Drugs and Devices. The event was attended by 45 pharmaceutical professionals and included a distinguished list of speakers both from industry and from within the Eurofins network of laboratories. Topics of presentations ranged from updates on compendial chapters that related to Extractables and Leachables, to  differences between conducting studies on pharmaceutical products compared to medical devices, to finally discussing establishing biocompatibility of the medical device. All presentations were engaging, and there was great discussion between the participants throughout the day. The event concluded with a panel discussion on expectations for data reporting, which sparked sharing of opinions and ideas. The event was a huge success, and we look forward to holding additional events in the future.

Eurofins’ Andrew Blakinger (left) with E&L Symposium presenter Dr. Desmond Hunt, Principle Scientific Liaison, United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).