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Customer feedback is key to our growth

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Since our beginnings as a 2,500-square-foot laboratory in 1961, we have believed that listening to our customers is absolutely essential to our success. This strong customer-service focus coupled with high quality laboratory services has enabled us to grow in to one of the largest and most successful commercial testing laboratories in the world.

This fall we look forward to the completion of our 11th building expansion, a 50,000-square-foot addition that will bring the total square footage of our Lancaster facility to 225,000. We’ll be hosting an open house next spring for you to tour our new state-of-the-art facility.

This new space will accommodate growth in all of our service areas. It allows us to move parts of our existing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical testing operations and reception area to the new building. These moves will free up space in our existing facilities to relieve tight quarters and allow for additional growth in our laboratory operations.

When fully occupied, the addition will house more than 100 new employees. With 1,000 employees in the U.S. and Ireland, our staff is always eager to learn from you new ways to better serve your global needs.

From phone calls to meetings to surveys, we appreciate the time you take to let us know how our services stack up. Recently, many of you returned our on-line survey with valuable comments. You can read a summary of your feedback in the accompanying article.

As you’ll see, there are many areas where you’ve noted our services are spot-on. And other aspects of our services leave some wanting more. While we are pleased most customers are delighted, we very much appreciate your suggestions for improvement and are absolutely committed to respond.

People here hold a long history of continuous performance improvement, constantly guided by what our customers need and desire. More good changes will always be forthcoming. For now, please read this newsletter to see some of the ways we are expanding and improving our services to you.

Our goal at Lancaster Laboratories is to be scientific innovators while delivering an outstanding service experience for you. Working together, everyone takes home a success story.