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Dr. Jon S. Kauffman, director of biopharmaceutical services; Dr. Robert Duff, manager of biochemistry; and Dr. Vikas Dhingra, group leader of biochemistry presented “Analytical Techniques Required to Ensure a Well-Characterized Biological Reference Material” at the International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Reference Standards in October at EDQM premises, 7 allée Kastner, 67081 Strasbourg, France.

Dr. Timothy S. Oostdyk, executive vice president and chief operating officer, and Dr. Sean Smith, Fisher Clinical Services, have published “Navigating the complexities of biologics” in the Good Clinical Practice Journal.

Dr. Vikas Dhingra, group leader of Biopharmaceutical Services, will be presenting “Challenges in Determination of Charged Protein Variants: Application of Capillary Electrophoresis Technology” at AAPS.