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Client feedback is catalyst for LabAccess upgrades

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Committed to continually improve quality and services, Lancaster Labs introduces new features for In response to client feedback, Lancaster Labs has added and/or updated the following features:

  • Redesigned Homepage - The redesigned homepage provides more information about sample submissions with the addition of lot number and sample description to aid in identifying recently released reports or recently submitted work.
  • Estimated Release Date - LabAccess now provides an estimated release date that tells clients when they can expect to receive released reports. This can be found on the homepage, as well as on the sample group detail page.
  • Filtering Search Results - A new filtering feature allows clients to sort the data the way they prefer to view it.
  • Documents Now Available - now provides convenient access to methods and specifications that are active in the document management system.
  • Redesigned Sample Detail - Results and data files are now shown on separate tabs to improve visibility.
  • Enhanced Downloading of Data Files - Data files for a test can be combined into a single PDF and downloaded by clicking the “Combine Data Files and Download” link. This feature saves valuable time as clients no longer need to click on each link separately.
  • Cross Browser Support - is now supported by all major browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, Mozilla FireFox 2.0+, Google Chrome 1.0+, and Apple Safari 3.0+.
  • e-Mail Notifications – Lancaster Labs will soon offer the option to receive an email notification that data packages are now available. This will save time by not having to continually login to to check on the status of data packages. The target release date for this function is December, 2011.

This innovative web portal offers a secure on-line window to comprehensive analytical information, allowing clients to view extensive project information such as analysts’ notebooks, chromatograms, approved test results, Certificates of Analysis, raw data packages, stability study information and invoices. is available 24/7 to all Lancaster Laboratories clients who have a valid e-mail address in the Lancaster Laboratories LIMS system. To procure a secure LabAccess account, please visit For questions or concerns, please contact Client Services at 717-656-2300.