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New Nicolet FTIR broadens identification capabilities into near-IR and far-IR regions

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Based on increased client requests for near-Infrared (IR), particularly raw materials, and for far-IR testing, Lancaster Laboratories has recently purchased a Thermo Nicolet 6700 FTIR to support routine testing for Pharmaceutical Identification and Assay by IR. The Nicolet 6700 will generate data consistent with current analyses in the mid-IR range and also expand Lancaster Laboratories’ capabilities for pharmaceutical identification into the near-IR and far-IR ranges. The system’s sophisticated Omnic® software will offer a library of spectra and will provide percent comparison of sample spectra with standard spectra.

Additionally, the spectrophotometer can be configured with various detectors and accessories to meet a wide range of FTIR applications. Analysis in the near-IR will be possible with the conventional DTGS/KBr detector paired with a Calcium Fluoride beam- splitter. Analysis in this region can be enhanced with a NIR Integrating Sphere. Analysis in the far-IR will be achieved using a DTGS/PE Detector and Solid Substrate beamsplitter.

The spectrophotometer will also employ a Photoacoustic Detector (PAS), which can be used in a variety of applications, advantageously eliminating sample preparation. Identification of resins is a typical application of the PAS detector in the pharmaceutical market.