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People are the chemistry: Nathan Whitford

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At Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, we believe that our people provide our strength. Their dedication to quality, professional competence and hard work is the key element in the company’s success. In this regular feature, we introduce you to some of the people who have helped make Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories an industry leader.

Nathan Whitford, formerly a group leader in Method Development and Validation in Lancaster, PA, has accepted the position of Manager, Chemistry and Site Operations, at the Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Portage, MI, site. Nate and his wife, Dana, and daughter, Ava, have relocated to Portage to begin a new chapter. His new responsibilities include managing the chemistry groups as well as overseeing the site operations.

What does your current job entail?

As Manager of Chemistry and Site Operations at our Michigan facility, my job functions can range from communication with our clients to scheduling daily analytical activities for our chemistry staff. A current goal is to continue the integration of Lancaster Laboratories systems within the Michigan facility so that our client’s have the same service and feel when using either site.

As a Manager of Chemistry, I provide technical support to the staff, training and lead investigations when necessary. Leadership positions such as mine allow for numerous opportunities for coaching and development for technical and efficiency improvements.

Finally, my role as Site Operations Manager allows for a more seamless integration of Lancaster Laboratories systems into the Michigan facility. For instance, my experience working for Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories for the past nine years allows for a daily resource to the Michigan staff when understanding anything from Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories procedures to working with our LIMS.

What is the scope of your group?

The chemistry staff performs analytical testing on Pharmaceutical Finished Products and Medicated Animal Feeds. Our group can also perform method development/ optimization as well as method transfers, method verifications or method validation to meet GMP requirements. And we have particular expertise in comparators.

In addition to the chemistry staff, the site also offers Microbiology testing and support for Stability including storage. Each group at the site works closely together from sample receipt to release of results so that we meet our client’s testing requirements while ensuring GMP compliance.

Given all of your responsibilities, how would you describe a typical workday?

A typical workday is difficult to describe as my daily plans are often modified to address requests or inquiries from our clients. There are, of course, daily responsibilities such as meeting with the team to get status updates on scheduled analytical activities. I have a daily responsibility to ensure our clients’ turnaround times are being met for sample submissions as well as providing a technical review of Certificate of Analyses or reports being provided to our clients.

You’ve been here for nine years and seen countless changes. Is there anything that hasn’t changed during your tenure?

One thing that I have seen consistent in my nine years with Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories is the commitment our staff has to continue to meet our clients’ needs. This has become even more apparent to me now that I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people from both the PA and the MI facilities. The goal of providing excellent service with the highest quality standards continues to be a constant measure of success.

And when you’re not working?

I try to spend as much time as possible with my wife, Dana, and our daughter, Ava. We are eager to become familiar with our new hometown in Michigan as well as the surrounding area. We’ve heard so many good things about Lake Michigan or Mackinac Island (to name a few), so we’re very excited about exploring all the area has to offer.