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Portage facility harmonizes LIMS and quality systems with Lancaster site

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The integration of Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories located in Portage, MI, has continued throughout 2012. The testing facility, which consists of two buildings totaling 40,000 square feet, including approximately 29,000 square feet of laboratory space with the potential for increased capacity, is a perfect testing location for our current pharmaceutical clients located in the Midwest. The site has a focus on small molecule product testing, QC release testing, stability storage, environmental monitoring, as well as method development and validation of chromatographic methods with plans to offer water, microbial limits and anti-microbial effectiveness testing mid 2013.

For clients already familiar with the services available from our headquarters located in Lancaster, PA, the harmonization of the Michigan site allows for a seamless transition. Beginning with quality, the Michigan site offers a quality system which meets cGMP requirements for both client and regulatory audits. With the incorporation of high level corporate quality policies, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories has allowed for harmonization of quality procedures between the sites. Additionally, the implementation of a new set of standard operating procedures for “Remote Satellite Locations” like the Michigan facility has provided the flexibility for site-specific differences while maintaining a level of quality our clients expect. An onsite quality assurance group ensures that data meets regulatory requirements through review of lab data, review of sample entry information and performance of internal lab audits. This group also offers review of quality systems to allow for continuous improvement while also reviewing changes to regulatory requirements to ensure compliance of laboratory testing.

The continuous integration of the LIMS and IT system has allowed for the sample handling at our Portage facility to match that of our Lancaster facility. The LIMS allows for the same format for certificate of analyses, trending reports, protocols and method development/transfer/validation reports. The exception system provided by Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, which includes format for deviations, out of specification investigations or protocol acceptance criterion investigations is also in use at the site in Michigan.

Clients familiar with the customer service offered by the Lancaster location will find similar systems offered in Michigan. A project manager located in Michigan can be assigned to a client account which will allow for a single point of contact for any testing performed at the site. Clients that use the LabAccess system offered by Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories will find that it is also available through our Michigan facility. This window into our LIMS offers the ability to check sample status, access sample results, or evaluate past sample submissions regardless of the location at which the testing is being performed.

Due to its location, our Midwest clients already familiar with using Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories services should consider testing at our Michigan facility. From the initial request for quotation, through sample submission and receipt of the final reporting of results, clients already familiar with the Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories services will have a seamless transition between the locations. For more information, call 269-323-3366.