Newsletter Archive >> Spring 2008 >> Releases Releases II & III offer more ways to view and chart scientific data

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Enhancing the service experience for clients, Lancaster Laboratories’ achieves new heights with the company’s introduction of Releases II and III. Not only can clients view all of their data as their projects progress, they can now also monitor their stability studies and export results to a Comma Separated Value file or Excel spreadsheet.

Here’s a breakdown of how helps clients navigate directly to the scientific information they need. Release I
Utilizing a user name and password protected account, clients are now capable of viewing:

  • Sample information
  • Lists of tests and test results
  • Preliminary data
  • Copies of final C of A reports
  • PDF images of data package components as they are assembled, including:
    • Notebook pages
    • Chromatography reports
    • Plate reader results
  • General account and invoice information
  • View Screen Shots from Release I

Stability Calendar, Release II
The Stability Calendar, Release II, allows clients to view their stability studies in progress. And Calendar items have detailed links to information posted. Clients are able to link to a sample number and see live data. Additionally, clients can link to their overall protocol plan in our document control system, ensuring perfect harmony between their requirements and scientific procedures. An overview of features include:

  • Most recent and upcoming stability pulls
  • Ability to review protocol detail, including studies and samples included in protocol
  • Pull calendar feature that allows client to quickly and easily see when upcoming pulls are scheduled
  • Link between stability samples that allows easy navigation to the corresponding testing data and results
  • Ability to search stability samples by pull date range and keywords like lot number, product name, PO number, project name, protocol name, and quote number
  • View Screen Shot from Release II

Result Export Tool, Release III Phase III enables clients to view the results for multiple tests and download them as either a Microsoft Excel Workbook or a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. Clients can export their data to perform their own comparisons or to study trends. Release III is designed to give clients the information necessary to look at their product performance over time and compare data sets to statistically evaluate data points. Highlights for Release III are:

  • Excel spreadsheet format
  • Comma-separated-value file
  • Delimited output for loading into databases
  • View Screen Shots from Release III

Lancaster Labs’ staff members are fully cognizant that we’re only as good as the scientific service experience we provide for our clients. Since client feedback is critical to our clients’ project success as well as ours, please visit Contact Us to offer feedback. Or call Pharmaceutical Client Services at 717-656-2300 to suggest ways Lancaster Labs can better serve you.