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Scientists serving Scientists

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At Lancaster Laboratories, our goal is to be a highly valued member of your scientific team, so that you’ll think of us as an extension of your company. We’re proud of our extensive list of services and ever-increasing expertise in the area of biologics - just one facet of our continuous focus to be your scientific partner.

We continually evaluate market trends and add new services to anticipate the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Offering scientific services to support the development and manufacture of biotechnology products is a direct response to client needs. So is our professional scientific staffing (PSS) service, which can place our scientists in your facility. Our acquisition of Microchem Laboratories in Ireland, which we are calling Lancaster Laboratories Europe, enables us to provide EU batch release services along with an extensive range of capabilities for our clients with needs in the EU. Based on your needs, we’ve grown from a contract analytical laboratory into a full-service laboratory organization staffed with professionals to provide innovative, scientific solutions across the industry. As a result, we’re getting involved much earlier in the drug development process, and clients are trusting and relying on us throughout the life cycle of their drug products.

As we are all aware, the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry is under tremendous pressure to get products to market faster and more cost effectively. Many of our clients are therefore relying more heavily on external capabilities as a means of maintaining the expertise to develop efficient and effective answers to scientific problems while keeping their costs variable. The historical model for using a contract organization includes defining a detailed specification and then hiring a provider to execute the task. While Lancaster Laboratories can certainly do that very cost effectively, by leveraging our scientific expertise and breadth of services, we can also consult and offer solutions in areas like analytical methodology, protocol approach, troubleshooting of processes or methods, and innovative service delivery models. And when it comes to taking a product through the clinical phases, our capabilities are unmatched as a part of Fisher BioPharma Services, the world leader in clinical trial services.

So in this dynamic time in our industry, we want you to know that our scientists are there for you. We are absolutely driven to provide you with the highest levels of scientific expertise, capabilities, and capacity available. And it is truly our privilege to collaborate with you and support you in bringing life saving and life changing therapies to market.