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Synthetic oligoribonucleotide characterization using high resolution orbitrap mass spec

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Recent advances in the synthesis of high quality oligonucleotides have sparked demand for analytical methods to validate the effectiveness of the synthesis by detecting impurities and failed sequences. Biochemists at Lancaster Laboratories recently developed and qualified an analytical method employing the Thermo Scientific LTQ XL™ Orbitrap mass spectrometer used in conjunction with an Accela™ high-speed chromatographic system to characterize an oligoribonucleotide. Sequence confirmation of RNA oligonucleotide (5’-AUCCGUAGCUAACGUCAUGG) was accomplished through MSn analyses number as compared to gel electrophoresis. The method is capable of separating and identifying the failed synthetic sequences (n-1 oligomers) and product impurities.

Dr. Robert J. Duff, manager of the Biochemistry Group, will present a poster session at the AAPS Biotech National Conference in June 2008 describing this novel use of a high resolution hybrid linear ion trap instrument. “The instrument’s uncompromised resolving power coupled with its high-resolution mass analysis capability provide unparalleled analytical opportunities to our clients,” says Dr. Duff. For more information, please call Pharmaceutical Business Development at 717-656-2300.