Newsletter Archive >> Spring 2009 >> Lancaster Labs Earns Lilly Global Supplier Award

Lancaster Labs Earns Lilly Global Supplier Award

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Lancaster Laboratories has been awarded the 2009 Eli Lilly Global Supplier Award. Lancaster Laboratories was one of a few companies selected among Lilly’s 6,500 global suppliers.

Lancaster Laboratories earned the distinguished honor as an elite supplier for having a measurable impact on the company’s objectives and priorities. Items of particular interest to be nominated for the Lilly Supplier Award were delivery of exemplary quality, service, speed, total cost reduction and other value adds.

“Since our founding in 1961, a key strength of ours has been our ability to form partnerships and collaborate effectively with our customers for their success and ours,” says Dr. Wilson Hershey, Lancaster Laboratories president. “We are delighted our customer service and scientific expertise have served Lilly well.”