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Professional Scientific Staffing growth doubles

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Lancaster Laboratories cites 100 percent growth for its Professional Scientific Staffing (PSS) service model in 2009, while having expanded to 14 sites in North America and Europe since its inception seven years ago.

“Driven in part by the economy and the resulting staffing challenges coupled with the outstanding service we provide, our PSS model is being well-received in the industry,” says PSS managing director Beth DiPaolo. “Therefore, we are continually working on great opportunities to add staff at existing sites and are pursuing business at several new sites. And we expect to have another strong performance this year.”

Lancaster Laboratories’ PSS delivers innovative staffing solutions, placing its highly-qualified scientists at the customer’s site dedicated to the success of their drug development projects. Infusing its 50-year track record of scientific expertise and HR best practices, Lancaster Laboratories hires, trains and manages its employees to perform laboratory services at customers’ sites, using their quality systems.

IRS 20-Factor compliant, PSS provides the same level of services, expertise and cGMP compliance available at the Lancaster Labs facilities. Eliminating the co-employment risk for the customer, PSS provides a “nonpermanent” workforce at a lower cost than fixed headcounts. For more information, call Beth DiPaolo at 717-656-2300.