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Introducing Hermes van der Lee

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Hermes van der Lee, Ph.D., has joined Lancaster Laboratories as technical director of Professional Scientific Staffing (PSS) services. From 2001 through 2006, he was the Director of Fisher BioServices (formerly McKesson BioServices) Analytical lab in Rockville, Maryland. Prior to his employment at McKesson BioServices, he worked at the Gillette Company for over 20 years, both performing and directing various areas of research. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.

Dr. van der Lee is very excited about his involvement with the PSS model, which he sees as a “stress-free staffing” opportunity for clients who need staff for medium to long-term projects. “In the PSS approach,” he says, “we offer a service to clients where Lancaster Labs staff is hired specifically to work at the client’s site to perform well-defined technical functions for a period of time that usually stretches out over several years. Our 45 years of experience in managing laboratory work efficiently ensures production of high quality work.”

His position in the PSS area has three different aspects. First, he will help to identify new opportunities by determining client needs and the ways Lancaster Labs can best fulfill those needs. Next, he will be involved in the setup and running of new programs, such as a recently started program at a client site in New Jersey. And finally, he will provide technical assistance to PSS programs currently operating across the U.S.