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Cell Banking expertise and project management fuel expansion

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As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect,” and for Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, it also makes growth.

With many years of experience preparing and characterizing a wide variety of cell banks, including non-production and research banks as well as mammalian cGMP master and working cell banks, coupled with tailored project management, the company’s Cell Banking Group is expanding. Two additional cell banking suites will be custom designed and qualified to meet aseptic processing guidelines. And all of the non-production banks are prepared in clean cell culture laboratories that are both positively pressured and HEPA filtered. The Group also has multiple ISO 7 clean cell banking suites to support the preparation of all production cell banks.

In addition to expanding cell bank preparation capacity, we’ve also been focused on the management of cell banking projects. Because of the overall duration of cell bank preparation and characterization projects, we recognize the importance of an upfront understanding of client needs and a collaborative partnership through the various project phases. As a result, we created several tools to support project management initiatives.

First, we created a form that helps us to clearly capture pertinent project details and requirements upfront, enabling us to understand your needs and provide guidance as necessary. Our highly experienced cell banking experts will work with you to design a comprehensive project plan including projected project timelines and recommended biosafety testing for the cell bank(s) being generated. We also use this information to prepare a detailed and accurate price quote summarizing your banking needs as well as your characterization requirements.

We’ve also created a tool that allows us to track your project from start to finish. It includes detailed information regarding the pre-bank activities, master cell bank preparation and characterization testing activities, working cell bank preparation and characterization testing activities and project termination details. And this of course can be customized to meet your unique project requirements. In addition to encouraging routine conference calls, your Project Manager will proactively provide project updates as we progress through the various project phases through the use of this tool.

As a result of these initiatives, we’ve found that we’re able to tailor cell banking programs to meet the complexities and deadlines of unique client requirements. And as a result of our technical expertise, quality service and exceptional project management, we continue to grow and increase capacity.

Our cell banking capabilities and comprehensive characterization services provide you with a single source solution for all of your cell line needs. Contact your Project Manager or Business Development for more information.