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Biologics Expanding Space, Services and Staffing

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To meet the increasing demands of biopharmaceutical customer needs, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories continues its significant investment in growing the biologics side of the business. With the completion of its new 80,000 square foot building addition this year, the Viral Safety & Clearance and Molecular & Cell Biology teams are expanding capacity, capabilities and expertise. In addition to our well established programs housed in nearly 50,000 square feet, we’re adding:


  • Four Viral Clearance Suites, totaling six suites
  • Triple Expanded Viral Testing Laboratories
  • State-of-the-art BSL3 Laboratory
  • Two A/B GMP Cell Bank Production Suites in addition to an ISO5/7 Suite for GMP nonproduction banks
  • Additional 7,500 sq. ft. of Biochemistry Space


  • Four Viral Clearance Service Models
  • New Viral Stocks and Assays for Viral Clearance Studies
  • New Viral Stock Purification Methods
  • New Viral Assays for Lot Release Testing


Given our impressive successful growth rate and industry reputation for quality data and client service, we receive literally hundreds of resumes weekly from experienced BioPharm scientists wanting to be part of our success story. Here are a few new industry pros who will be serving your biologic needs.

An expert in developing and validating PCR and nucleic acids sequencing assays for more than a decade, Klaudia Shick, Ph.D., will lead the QPCR assay development team.

With extensive experience in cell banking and virology, Lana Mogilyanskiy, MBA, M.S., will oversee the new cell banking facilities as well as manage the production of all nonproduction cell banks.

Honing expertise for the past 15 years, Mary David has developed and optimized cell based assays for MOA of novel oncology drugs, DNA extraction of patient samples, and PCR & QPCR assays and sequencing.

With more than a decade of experience performing viral safety and viral clearance testing, as well as preparation and purification of viral stocks, Svetlana Sherbaty will focus on optimizing virus stocks using a variety of purification techniques.

For all stages throughout the development, manufacturing and release of your biological product, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories offers the most comprehensive, fully cGMP-compliant testing services.